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Teachings and practices that foster the cultivation of a body that functions optimally, a mind that is clear of misperceptions and a heart that radiates harmony

Diamond Body. Crystal Mind. Golden Heart.

This institute began as an experiment to test the hypothesis that the highest esoteric teachings of the nondual Eastern traditions could be applied very directly and practically in one’s day-to-day life. Ordinarily, we think of spiritual practice as something that is done outside of one’s mundane existence, or as an embellishment to it. This often creates a fissuring of one’s reality, where the teaching does not change, shape and radically transform moment-to-moment experience. Instead, it remains just out of our reach.

The Śabda Institute took shape in the proving of the hypothesis. The highest teachings are indeed applicable without regard for our unique life circumstance. We need not become divorced from the vagaries of life to practice spirituality. In fact, the highest practice occurs in the trenches and on the frontlines of life, where the teaching is relentlessly applied and embodied. Here, you will find extensive tools and resources to do just that. 

May your journey be fulfilling in every way and may you find what you’re looking for.

Śrī Mātre Namah!



In this Spring Navarātra course and immersion (March 21-25 2023), we will delve deep into the adoration and vidyā (wisdom) of Bhuvaneśvarī, the fourth Mahāvidyā (Great Wisdom).


Unlike in traditional paths, here we will once again examine the unmistakable presence of these great goddesses of wisdom in the moment-to-moment unfolding of life.


In celebration of Kavitha Chinnaiyan's newest book, Fractals of Reality, Sfaim Press has released a limited hard-bound collector's edition. Fractals of Reality explores the Śrīcakra  - a diagramatic representation of the cosmic unfolding. 



What they say

Glorious Alchemy sets forth a road map of unparalleled clarity to negotiate this esoteric and highly uplifting spiritual knowledge. Until now, this knowledge has not been available to all because ancient seers have chosen to keep it hidden in coded language, whereby it unfolds in a gradual, steady sequence.

Sri Chaitanyananda Natha Sarasvati, Sri Rajarajeswari Pitham, Rush, NY

This book [Shakti Rising] is filled with marvelous paradoxes–it unites both progressive and direct spiritual paths, and although rooted in rich and arcane Vedic imagery, it remains perfectly accessible and simple to apply. Above all, Kavitha has somehow captured the quintessence of a timeless wisdom and brought it down from the mountaintops for us all to learn from. I bow to both the author and the teaching.

Richard Rudd, author of Gene Keys, and founder of www.genekeys.com

Once in a generation a book appears that defines a new paradigm in its field. The Heart of Wellness is that book for our generation.

Joel K. Kahn, MD, FACC, clinical professor of medicine at Wayne State University School of Medicine and author of The Plant-Based Solution (Sounds True, 2018)

To me, this book [Glorious Alchemy] is almost beyond praise. Stunning in its perfectly balanced blend of clarity, precision, concision, erudition, and accessibility, it is simply the best book on the Lalitā Sahasranāma in the English language. This book is not merely informational, however: it is designed to have maximum impact on your spiritual life, and if you take the abundant guided meditations in this sublime work into deep practice, you may experience radical opening and transformation. Especially if you are a lover of the Goddess, this book could become the primary touchstone of your spiritual life.

Christopher (Hareesh)Wallis, M.Phil., Ph.D., author of Tantra Illuminated and The Recognition Sutras

The Heart of Wellness details how the body can be an ally to self-inquiry, not an impediment. I recommend this unique book, whether your interest is physical health or spiritual enlightenment, or both.

Dr. Greg Goode, PhD, author of After Awareness, The Direct Path, and Standing as Awareness

Provides a welcome paradigm shift in how we approach health, wellness, chronic disease, and for that matter, life.

Barry A. Franklin, PhD, FACSM, MAACVPR, FAHA, director of Preventive Cardiology and Cardiac Rehabilitation at William Beaumont Hospital

Kavitha Chinnaiyan is a gifted and insightful scholar-practitioner. Her book is original, practical, and rooted in her deep understanding of the yoga and tantric traditions. Kavitha brings new wisdom to the mystery of the Mahavidyas, the feminine energies of transformation. Highly recommended.

Sally Kempton, author of Awakening Shakti

Simply beautiful! I wholeheartedly recommend this monumental work on Sri Vidya.

Om Swami

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