Anuśāsana: The Wisdom of the Yamas and Niyamas

In this 5-day course, we will explore the fundamentals of self-discipline through the yamas and niyamas of the Yoga Sūtras of Patañjali. In addition to the most common interpretations of the yamas and niyamas, we will delve into their subtleties through practical examples, homework, contemplations and group discussion. No matter what one's spiritual path (or no path at all!), this course will be useful. 

Yamas are ethical injunctions and niyamas are virtues. In the Yoga Sūtras, the yamas and niyamas are the basis of the eight-fold path. The cultivation of yamas and niyamas continues as one progresses on the spiritual journey, becoming increasingly subtle and refined. They become the basis for the cultivation of moment-to-moment awareness and enable the correct application of spiritual concepts in the mundane events of life.  

While being critically important, the yamas and niyamas also lend themselves to becoming externally enforced values that trap us in ignorance. In this course, we will explore the five yamas and the five niyamas from a very practical standpoint while remaining faithful to their true essence. Importantly, we will delve into the many layers of self-deception that prevent the dawning of higher knowledge.

This is an exploration into the yamas and niyamas unlike any other!

The course will take place on five consecutive days - December 8-12, 2021 - at 6 PM CET (12 PM EST). All classes will take place on Zoom, and recordings made available thereafter. This course will also include handouts, homework exercises, and discussion in the private course forum. 

While there are no absolute pre-requisites for this course, the following would be useful as a background: 

1. A reading of Shakti Rising (Chinnaiyan K, Nonduality Press, 2017).

2. Shakti Rising Self-Study Course.

3. Śivoham: Cultivating Awareness and Insight.

The Shakti Rising Self-Study Course and the Śivoham Course are available at a 50% discount for those enrolling for the current course (links will be provided upon enrollment).

No refunds will be issued once purchased. Thank you for your understanding.

Course Logistics:

The course will take place on consecutive days - December 8-12 6 PM CET (12 PM EST). All classes will take place on Zoom, and recordings made available thereafter.


$129 (25% off for Śabda Saṅgha members)


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