Fractals of Reality: Self-Study

Fractals of Reality: A Nondual Exploration of the Śrī Cakra (Self-Study Online Course)

What is the Śrī Cakra? Importantly, why is it relevant in our sādhanā?

Come, join me in a joyful exploration of the King of Cakras!

In this course,we will examine the magnificent Srī Cakra from a practical, nondual perspective. The Śrī Cakra (or Yantra) is known as the King of Cakras (or Yantras) because it is the perfect map of the macrocosm reflected in the microcosm. There are various ways to understand the Śrī Cakra, but from the standpoint of nondual Śākta Tantra, we can examine its intricacies in particular ways that are immediately relevant and applicable to our sādhana.

In 10 modules, we will examine the philosophy and structure of the Śrī Cakra, at a pace of one āvaraṇa per day through the auspicious chant known as the Khadgamāla Stotram, a central hymn of the Śākta tradition known as Śrīvidyā (auspicious knowledge). The beauty of this powerful hymn is that it is immediately penetrative and cuts through our dense conditioning in one fell swoop. When chanted or heard regularly, it changes one’s perception, behavior, and thought process, infusing extraordinariness into an ordinary experience.

It is said that this powerful stotram, for the right practitioner, can be the equivalent of the lengthy and auspicious Śrī Cakra pūjā.

In this course, we will explore the Śrī Cakra via the Khadgamāla Stotram, but not in the commonly described esoteric fashion. Instead, we will strive to discover the Śrī Cakra within and without in practical ways.

Course materials will include an audio recording of the entire stotram, as well as segments taught every day. Other course materials will include handouts and other resources.




While not absolutely required, a prior understanding of Nondual Tantra will enable a clearer understanding of this course. Please check out my Foundations of Nondual Tantra (on Embodied Philosophy) or Lalitā Sahasranāma courses for an in-depth introduction to this philosophy and practice. If you choose to take the Lalitā Sahasranāma course, it is offered at a 50% discount for those enrolled in this course (link will be sent in the welcome email after enrollment).


“This is one of the best courses I have ever taken. Kavitha simplified the teachings into chunks and made it practical to our day to day life – fractals of reality. Each day was in a way unlearning and learning to move a step closer to reality. It is not a course. It is a teaching of a lifetime. Thank you Kavitha.”
“Literally the yoginis manifested themselves one by one in flesh and blood in your words. An entire philosophy was expounded over 10 classes. In the path of Sadhana there are no coincidences. Only miracles. And this is no less a miracle that when the questions were the strongest in my mind (last year end), the answers are presented so vividly. 🙂 Thank you so much Kavitha. I hope I do justice to Devis grace that has come to me in this course, and practise +apply the learning’s in my day to day living.”
🙂“This course was absolutely amazing! Dr. Chinnaiyan has a talent for presenting complex materials and abstract concepts in a practical and engaging way. I have taken a few other classes from her and they have been excellent. This class, all ten straight days of it, exceeded my already high expectations!”
“This course was a follow through of other courses that I have taken with Kavitha. It possibly is one of my favourites because Kavitha with her unique skill manages to weave out the tapestry or the map of the universe – its structure; its expression; the evolution and the journey. Most importantly her unique ability to express the most profound concepts in a way and manner that can be understood by even the most cloudiest of Buddhis (this will make sense if you take the course 😀).”
“While I have taken a Sri Chakra course before, it was more focused on coloring the Yantra and chanting a particular Lakshmi mula mantra during the process of the coloring. It was a very nice course for sure. But it did not go anywhere into the detail of this course with Kavitha in regards to the detail of the range of the yoginis and deities in the yantra. Nor did we cover all of the magnificent ways that the Sri Yantra is a blueprint of ourselves and the cosmos. I really enjoyed the weaving in of the philosophy in regards to the various avaranas etc. This was a mind blowing course and really extended my appreciation of this path.”
“Mind-blowing! I had been intrigued by the Sri Cakra for a long time but had never come across any teaching that encouraged me to find out more. When I learnt that Fractals of Reality was actually the unlocking of its significance, I knew that I had to sign up. The entire course has been a huge eye-opening experience, one that has answered many questions, while also helping me understanding concepts that I have struggled with for some time. To finally have a thorough description of the meaning behind the mystical diagram is one achievement. But to also gain an insight into the whole concept of reality, through both the Sr Cakra and the Khadgamāla Stotram, has been beyond my wildest expectations. Kavitha, you are an exceptionally gifted teacher, and your passion and generous sharing of knowledge is a true blessing to all those fortunate enough to have found you. Thank you!”
“Life changing. Heart opening. Nectar pulsing. Energy aligning. I have much more to revisit but I feel I have the framework for lifetimes of exploration. There is enough material in this course to keep me busy for a very long time! Sitting in satsang with this group has been gloriously profound and transformative.”
“It was much more than simply about Sri Chakra. It was a compelling integration of several conceptual traditions. It established my fundamental understanding of Sri Chakra, which I hope to explore further.”
“This course was utterly transformational. Kavitha’s clear, lucid explanations of extremely complex topics facilitated a rare and deep understanding of non-dualism which has shifted my entire way of looking at the world, actually. My relationship with the Sri Cakra has deepened significantly, and it is an honor to have now stepped into a lifelong relationship with the Khadgamala Stotram. I was frankly blown away by the level of depth and clarity with which the materials were presented, and the extremely logical, rational way of decoding these rich and ancient teachings. I feel honored to have been able to be with this course live, and I am looking forward to more courses with Kavitha as capable guide.”


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