Kālī Mahāvidyā: Self-Study

She’s playing in my heart.
Whatever I think, I think Her name.
I close my eyes and She’s in there
Garlanded with human heads.

Common sense, know-how-gone,
So they say I’m crazy. Let them.
All I ask, my crazy Mother,
Is that You stay put. 

Ramprasad cries out: Mother, don’t
Reject this lotus heart You live in
Don’t despise this human offering
At Your feet.

–  Ramprasad Sen

From: Grace and Mercy in her Wild Hair: Selected Poems to the Mother Goddess

Translated by Leonard Nathan and Clinton Seely

In this self-study course, we will delve deep into the adoration and vidyā (wisdom) of Kālī, the first Mahāvidyā (Great Wisdom). Utilizing the Kālī yantra as a reference point, we will explore the history, iconography, practice, and higher understanding of this great goddess. Importantly, this course will provide the basis for meeting Kālī in our day-to-day mundane life. 

Who is this dark, fierce goddess? What is the significance of her iconography? Why is she the prototypical Mahāvidyā? What is a Mahāvidyā, anyway? What is with all the blood and gore, and how is all this relevant to our life and spiritual practice? These are some of the many questions we will explore in this course, every day inching a little closer to the great goddess until we are ready to offer up our necks to her raised sword.                             

This course will include downloadable yantra diagrams that the participant can color  as a sādhanā. 

Please note that there will be no initiation or transmission of the Kālī mantra, which should always be received from the guru via a one-on-one relationship.  

Pre-requisites for this course include:

1. A reading of Shakti Rising by Kavitha Chinnaiyan (New Harbinger Publications, 2017) PLUS

2. Either the Shakti Rising Course, which is available at a 50% discount (link provided upon enrollment) or the online Mahāvidyā Retreat.

Course Logistics:

This is a self-study course. New lessons are released every day for 10 days. Lessons include class videos and audios, homework, and extensive supplementary materials.

Cost: $299

Limited number of scholarships are available. Apply here to be considered.

Art for this course is provided by Rashmi Thirtha, available for purchase here.

Course Reviews

It is mind-blowing and eye-opening… Some shift in everyday perspective happened for me, and moment-to-moment life is just different noticing so many things and aspects of my own being, which I wasn’t able to do before. More understanding of the Reality came into my life… 

This has been a wonderful and intensive course with a lot of information and practical applications that I truly enjoyed. Moreover, it was a great way to be introduced to the mysterious Kali and clear any previous misconceptions.

The material was presented really explicitly and it altered somehow the way I perceived some things, at levels I did not consider before. Thank you very much for that.

I felt a deep shift through the 10 days. It was a crescendo as i learned to see and seek Her through your stellar guidance… 

I must have done something good since Devi decided I was worthy of taking your course. Thank you for deciding to share your knowledge and experience with us and for offering this deep insight into this truly beautiful path. I feel that you have definitely reached your goal of facilitating me to meet Kali.

The course has given me exactly what I needed (without knowing I was looking for it). Kavitha‘s teaching, full of grace and clarity, has opened my heart to Kali. Ever so thankful for this offering.


Scholarships are available on an as-needed basis. Please apply here.

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