Rasa: the art and science of emotional healing workshop SELF-STUDY

In this workshop, led by Drs. Sumit Kesarkar and Kavitha Chinnaiyan, we delve into the intricacies of rasa, which can mean many things, including the essence of a substance or experience. It also means juice. Rasa is one of the fundamental concepts of Āyurveda and explains the correlation between taste, digestion, health, and mental and emotional states. 

We will explore this intricate relationship in-depth:

  • The six tastes
  • Taste and digestion
  • Taste and emotions
  • Healing trauma through the science of taste
  • Finding joy and peace
  • Rasa as a spiritual path

You will leave the self-study armed with highly beneficial principles and practical tools to improve your health and sleep, calm your mind, and prepare for higher spiritual practices. 

This workshop is open to all - the principles discussed will be applicable for beginners as well as seasoned practitioners.



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Workshop Instructors

Dr. Sumit Ashok Kesarkar  is a Vaidya (doctor) of Āyurveda. A renaissance man, he is also the founder of the National Library of Ayurveda Medicine, where he has poured his knowledge into building a first-of-its-kind, searchable online database and study modules on ancient Āyurvedic formulations. You’ll often find him in the lap of the Himalayas, traversing across India while working towards the conservation of medicinal plants, local health traditions, and ancient Hatha Yoga practices. His youtube travel vlog documents his Himalayan journeys, where you’ll find a wealth of Āyurvedic information through the lens of a yogi and doctor. Demystifying arcane Vedas, Tantra and Yoga to make them accessible to all remains his life's work. Dr. Kesarkar also teaches the process of simplifying and decoding Vedic Sciences to practically apply them conjunct with modern-day methodologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) as a guiding force in developing sophisticated systems. This extends to a research-oriented lifestyle program that can be found at whiskybaba.in, where he has explained the health benefits of single malt whisky by experimentation and application of Āyurvedic Algorithms. Do read his book on the health benefits of single malt whisky, which for many is an easing in to Āyurveda. Recently, he has launched  ‘theSoundBreath’  program that offers application-based learning of mantra, breath and yantra. Discover the immense wisdom he has to share on  drsumit.in.

Dr. Kavitha Chinnaiyan is a Cardiologist, Professor of Medicine and the founder of Śabda Institute. She is the author of Shakti Rising (Nonduality Press, October 2017) that won the Nautilus Gold Award for Best Books of 2017, Glorious Alchemy: Living the Lalitā Sahasranāma (New Sarum Press, UK, 2020) and The Heart of Wellness (Sfaim Press, 2020). Her next book, Fractals of Reality: Living the Śrīcakra will be released in early 2022. 


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