The application process for the 2022 Śabdopāya program is now closed and will reopen in winter, 2022 for next year's cohort.

Śabdopāya is Śabda Institute’s long-term study and practice program, and is offered to seekers who wish to deepen their commitment to the spiritual path via dedicated study and practice along with a community of like-minded practitioners.

The practices taught in Śabdopāya come predominantly from the non-dual Tāntrik traditions. While we will perform an in-depth study of the Tāntrik view (darśana) through various classical texts, the focus of this program is on the continuous application of these concepts and principles in the moment-to-moment unfolding of daily life.

This program is structured with a mix of self-study (via Kavithaji’s self-study courses), live classes and courses with Kavithaji and regular sessions with some of her senior student-practitioners. This program is different from all of Kavithaji’s courses in that it provides a solid framework for structured practice and study through directed reading, homework assignments and extensive support for individual journeys via a discussion forum, partner work and assignment of a mentor from among Kavithaji’s senior students as well as 1:1 time with Kavithaji whenever it is required. This practice is also supported through yearly retreats.

For more information and details of the program structure, requirements and fees, please refer to the course description and view the informational call shared below:

Śabdopāya Course Description

Śabdopāya Informational Call

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