Registration for the 2022 Śabdopāya program begins on January 14th, 2022, and the program begins on March 1st, 2022. For more detailed information, there will be an informational call on December 4th (registration required – see below). Please use your zoom account email for successful registration. This call will be recorded and available thereafter. 

Śabdopāya is Śabda Institute’s long-term certification program. This five-year program is for seekers who wish to deepen their commitment to the spiritual path via dedicated study and practice, along with a community of like-minded practitioners.

The practices taught in the Śabdopāya program come predominantly from the non-dual tāntric traditions, with a progressively greater focus on Śrī Vidyā, along with study of texts and scriptures from related traditions. While we will perform an in-depth study of The View (darśana) through various classical texts, the focus of this program is on the continuous application of these studies in our daily lives. Gradually, a daily sitting practice will be built - the twin anchors for this will be the methodical introduction of appropriate practices from the Vijñāna Bhairava Tantra and the introduction and refinement of key meditation technique/s from Kavithaji’s own practice. The emphasis will be on developing sattarka, or sound reasoning, through which we work towards becoming free of the conditionings that limit our spiritual progress. 

The program is structured with a mix of self-study (via Kavithaji’s current and planned self-study courses), live classes by Kavithaji and some of her senior student-practitioners, as well as directed reading and homework assignments. Individual journeys are supported via a discussion forum, partner work and assignment of a mentor from among Kavithaji’s senior students. Every year, there will be a retreat which can be attended live or virtually, though those wishing to become Āchāryas (teachers) will need to attend later retreats in person. 

There are no prerequisites for the first two years of this annual program, beyond a strong commitment and desire for progress on the spiritual path. As we get into more advanced teachings in years three and beyond, there will be an application process and aspirants will have to demonstrate that they have applied the concepts learned in the first two years of study. While the focus is on your personal path and application, the program also serves for Āchārya (teacher) preparation. Those wishing to eventually teach will need to attend some of the retreats in person. 

A more detailed program description is forthcoming and will be uploaded to this page shortly.

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