TARA self-study Course

mother, my mother,
may your piercing hum
shatter my chest
and imbibe my being with radiance.
mother, my mother
may my eyelids burn at the sight of your lustrous sword,
and may my tears bathe the soles of your feet.
mother, my mother,
you are the darkness of the night sky
and the golden stars that gleam through.
one glimpse of you,
and i am humbled
before the blissful truth
that all that i am
and all that is
is dribble
gliding on your tongue.

- Téa Nicolae (https://teanicolae.com/)

In this self-study course, we will delve deep into the adoration and vidyā (wisdom) of Tārā, the second Mahāvidyā (Great Wisdom). Utilizing the Tārā yantra as a reference point, we will explore the history, iconography, practice, and higher understanding of this great goddess. Importantly, this course will provide the basis for meeting Tārā in our day-to-day mundane life.

This course will include downloadable yantra diagrams that the participant can color as a sādhanā.

***Please note that there will be no initiation or transmission of the Tārā mantra, which should be received from the guru via a one-on-one relationship. ***

Pre-requisites for this course include:

1. A reading of Shakti Rising by Kavitha Chinnaiyan (New Harbinger Publications, 2017),


2. Either the Shakti Rising Course or the Kālī Mahāvidyā Self-Study Course.
Both these courses are available at 50% off upon enrollment in the Tārā Course (no retrograde discounts, please)

Course Logistics:

Cost: $150

(Scholarships are available on an as-needed basis. Please apply here.)


Art for this course is provided by Rashmi Thirtha, available for purchase here.


"This course is intense, it's like a wrecking ball hitting the thick wall of my belief system. It has not destroyed it but irremediable cracks have been made through which I could catch a glimmer of the light of liberation."

"Kavitha's teachings are presented from her wisdom and practice ,in a VERY ACCESSIBLE clear understandable loving way, and applicable to daily life. I am grateful and want to continue to study here at The Sabda Institute."

"This course by far has best resonated with me. It had a lot of scientific and logical details which I could connect very easily."

"It has helped me to cultivate a moment-to-moment awareness of how I am creating karma and pravritti. By understanding the practical appearance of the concepts in my life, I feel encouraged that I now KNOW what I can do about it; it feels empowering rather than feeling like a "victim of circumstances". The importance of single-pointedness in practice is another important quality that I am going to work on."

"I had several "light bulb" moments of what it is to evolve and move towards the core."

"Clear understanding of what I need to do next in my practice; direct pointing brought out new layers of understanding; 5 elements meditation and contemplation was very powerful."

"Provided a clearer understanding of the darshana, allowing for contemplation and clarification of “What do I really want?” Provided practical exercises for engaging with the everyday experience of life and asking the right self inquiry questions."

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